2019 Parish Weekly Planned Giving by Diocese

Weekly planned giving in Church of England parishes ran from a high of £25.10 in the Diocese of London to £8.10 in the Diocese of Lincoln.  The Diocese of Oxford’s average was £17.60.  The only diocese with weekly giving greater than £20 was Guildford at £21.50.

Seven dioceses had an average greater than £15/week. They were:  Southwark (£18.50), Sheffield (£17.50), Bristol (£17.10), Birmingham (£16.10), Winchester (£16.00), Rochester (£15.90), & Ely (£15.80).

Five dioceses had an average of less than £10/week.  They were:  Newcastle (£9.40), Durham (£9.30), Hereford (£8.70), Carlisle (£8.20), & Lincoln (£8.10).

The Diocese of Canterbury saw an average of £14.20/week and the Diocese of York had giving of £10.10.  The new Archbishop of York’s previous diocese, Chelmsford was at £14.60.

The full statistical report is found on Page 20 of the Church of England’s 2019 Parish Finance Report.