Mutual Flourishing?

The Revd Dr Lee Gatiss, Director of Church Society, recently cast considerable doubt on oft repeated idea that the Church of England wants all groups within the Church to mutually flourish.

Dr Gatiss, a leader in the conservative evangelical complementarian tradition, highlighted the long period of time which has elapsed since a bishop with those commitments had been appointed.  

Gatiss said; “The Church of England has only consecrated one Conservative Evangelical bishop of ‘complementarian’ views since 1997. Since he retired in October 2012, it seems to have been without ANY diocesan bishops or ordinary suffragan bishops of that persuasion for 3130 days and counting, despite repeated assurances that, “something will be done” and, that, “we want you to flourish as part of the life and structures of the church”.

Asked for further clarification, Gatiss declined.  The facts are rather telling.

Gatiss has authored or edited over 40 books and is a noted scholar on John Owen.