CDM Insurance from Ecclesiastical

CDM Insurance Clergy in the Church of England and Church in Wales can now purchase insurance to insulate them from the expenses associated with charges stemming from a Clergy Disciplinary Measure (CDM).  For £25 per year, Ecclesiastical Insurance now offers an...

Church of Scotland and Scottish Episcopal Church OK Saint Andrew Declaration

Church of Scotland and Scottish Episcopal Church Ok Saint Andrew Declaration The Declaration gives formal recognition of the way that both churches have ministered to the whole of Scotland for many years, and how they will continue to work together. It was also backed...

Jewel the Obscure: Advice to New Anglican Converts

Advice From Jewel the Obscure to New Anglican Converts I am often asked by those new to Anglicanism how to come to know what authentic Anglicanism is, in light of the confused mess that we see in North America, the UK and other places. I hope this helps. Unlike many...

Bishop of Burnley Trekking for Fundraising

Bishop of Burnley Trekking for Fundraising The Bishop of Burnley, Rt Revd Philip North, will be pulling on his walking boots this Friday and trekking east to west across the County of Lancashire … raising money towards the reopening of a redundant church hall as a...

Murcott: 12 Infallible Proofs

Murcott Twelve Infallible Proofs Ever since Christ’s Resurrection, the most unlikely tales and feeblest of fables have been propagated in an attempt to fracture the Christian faith. Yet, Acts 1:3 says that Christ showed Himself alive “by many infallible proofs”, being...

JC Ryle on Sickness

Bishop JC Ryle on Sickness Lord, he whom You love is sick!" John 11:3 The chapter from which this text is taken, is well known to all Bible readers. In life-like description, in touching interest, in sublime simplicity — there is no writing in existence that will bear...

Editorial: Church Matters Worthy of Further Notation

Church Matters Worthy of Further Notation Try as we might, we inevitably find ourselves not able to print all the stories that really are worthy of publication.  Such a matter is merely the by-product of limitation of space.  The ink is willing but the paper is weak. ...

John Calvin & The Church of England

John Calvin and the Church of England By Chuck Collins His writings and ideas so significantly influenced the Church of England that Anglicanism can be fairly described as not only generally Protestant, but “reformed.” John Calvin died on May 27, 1564, in Geneve,...

Anglicanism Explored: On Predestination

Anglicanism Explored: On Predestination By The Revd Dr Mark Pickles Popular evangelicalism is awash with “Arminianism”.  (Arminianism denies the doctrine of predestination claiming that although human beings are sinful they do have the ability to respond to the...

Chinese Communist Government Cracks Down on Christian Social Media

Communist Chinese Government Cracks Down on Christian Social Media China has continued its crackdown on Christian social media content, with the accounts of churches and Christian ministries removed from social media platform WeChat on 7 June. These include registered...

Leprosy Mission

Leprosy Mission

The Unconditional Appeal

Dame Darcey Bussell is championing a new campaign which sees churches build Hubs of Hope to help rid Mozambique of leprosy.

As a result, Darcey is championing The Leprosy Mission’s new effort called The Unconditional Appeal. She has created a film taking the viewer deep into Mozambique. The effort aims to rid the country of leprosy by shining a light on the disease, improving access to treatment and changing attitudes. It has been awarded UK Aid Match funding meaning every pound given before 24 April 2021 will be doubled by the UK government.

Darcey explains: “It takes more than improved access to healthcare to end leprosy in countries like Mozambique. It takes a real sea change of attitudes, a desire within a community to end centuries of discrimination.

“This is exactly what The Unconditional Appeal seeks to do by training up Leprosy Changemakers to lead the fight against the disease.

“The Leprosy Mission could send someone from their base in the provincial capital of Pemba to run clinics to diagnose and cure leprosy. This would have some success. But it takes a real ground swell to end a disease like this so entrenched in stigma.”

It is not just those personally affected by leprosy that are being trained as Leprosy Changemakers. Government health supervisors, religious leaders and traditional healers are also joining the fight.

But with traditional healers becoming Leprosy Changemakers, they too can refer suspected cases of leprosy to a government health supervisor. Government staff are being trained at a high level to diagnose leprosy and give the cure so that a person can be treated at the earliest opportunity.

Churches in the UK are partnering with communities in Mozambique by building community hubs or Hubs of Hope. They are spaces where health camps can take place and communities can learn about leprosy through traditional songs, dance and drama.


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A Hub of Hope gives a beating heart to a village. It is somewhere where farmers can learn how to protect their crops from extreme weather as well as sell surplus produce to provide an income.


Darcey said: “By partnering with communities on the ground and shining a light on leprosy, we can make a desire to end this cruel disease a reality. Our support for people affected by leprosy is unconditional.”

The Unconditional Appeal has been awarded UK Aid Match, meaning every pound donated before 24 April is matched by the UK government. Visit to join Darcey’s virtual journey to Mozambique.