Bishop of Derby Praying for Fired Chaplain

Bishop of Derby Praying for Fired Chaplain

In the aftermath of the firing of Trent College chaplain, The Revd Dr Bernard Randall, over a sermon in which he told students they did not have accept the school’s adoption of teachings contrary to those of the Church of England, the EC asked the Bishop of Derby to comment.

Mrs Frances Morrison, Administration and Operations Coordinator for Bishop Lane, responded on the bishop’s behalf.

“Bishop Libby has asked me to thank you for taking the time and trouble to be in touch about the Revd Dr Bernard Randall.  

“She has maintained a pastoral relationship with Dr Randall, and arranged for direct pastoral support for him to be provided by the Dean and other clergy of Derby Cathedral; such relationship is, as always, confidential.

“She is not privy to the details of this case which is coming to an employment tribunal, and does not intend to make any comment at least until the employment tribunal has ended and a decision has been reached.

“Dr Randall remains in her prayers”.