CDM Insurance from Ecclesiastical

CDM Insurance

Clergy in the Church of England and Church in Wales can now purchase insurance to insulate them from the expenses associated with charges stemming from a Clergy Disciplinary Measure (CDM).  For £25 per year, Ecclesiastical Insurance now offers an insurance policy to cover the expenses associated with a Clergy Disciplinary Measure (CDM).  It has a £250,000 limit.

This policy provides legal protection for proceedings under the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003. Clergy who have Common Tenure under the Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Measure 2009, are provided legal expenses cover in relation to any disputes, inquiries or grievances under this Measure. If you are a member of clergy in the Church in Wales it provides legal protection for the equivalent proceedings under the Church in Wales Constitution or the clergy handbook.

Legal advice has been arranged through DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited (DAS).

The policy covers provides up to £250,000 to cover costs and expenses to help provide a formal written response to a complaint made against you under the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 or the Church in Wales Constitution (limited to £1,000 + VAT).  It also provides representation before a disciplinary tribunal or the Vicar General’s Court and an appeal against a finding and/or penalty following the hearing.  Additionally, it provides cover to represent you in a dispute concerning your terms and conditions of service.

Clergy Disciplinary Measure charges have increased in recent years and the Church of England General Synod has been debating on how to either replace the measure or fix it.  CDMs under the current standards are increasingly viewed as arbitrary and denying due process to whose who stand accused of wrong doing.