Protestant Reformation Society Conference 2021 Postponed

Protestant Reformation Society 2021 Conference Postponed

The Executive Committee of the Protestant Reformation Society has postponed the scheduled 2021 conference.  This makes the second year in a row that the conference has not been able to be held due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and its attendant travel restrictions.

The intention of the Society is to use the same programme in 2022 that had prepared for this year.

Two Australians, Dr Tim Patrick from Adelaide and recently retired Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies were both on the programme and it is hoped they will be able to be present next year.  At present, travel between Australia and the United Kingdom is severely restricted.

Additionally, the Executive Committee announced it intends to set up a website to make its considerable resources available online.  It also asked supporters of the Society’s work to pray for its efforts in planning for the 2022 Conference as well as raising up younger men to assist in the Society’s work.

The Protestant Reformation Society was formed in 1827 as the British Society for Promoting the Religious Principles of the Reformation.