Church in Chains Reports: Pastor Wu Locked in Apartment

Church in Chains Reports:

Early Rain’s Pastor Wu Locked in Apartment

Chinese authorities locked Minister Wu Wuqing of Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC), Sichuan province, into his apartment and prevented church members from visiting in the latest bid to make him leave Chengdu and end his ministry.

Minister Wu lives with his wife Xiong Meifang and their two children in Damian Town in Chengdu City’s Longquanyi District. He has suffered constant persecution, including repeated detention, because of his leadership in ERCC, and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities were already monitoring the entrance passageway to his apartment building before police chained his door and locked him in on 4 June. A 24-hour guard was placed outside to prevent him leaving

For the first couple of days of Minister Wu’s imprisonment, CCP agents unlocked the chain to let visiting Christians enter, but from 8 June they refused to allow anyone in and local Christians had to drop off water, vegetables, fruit and other food at the door.

A church member travelled with her children to Minister Wu’s home on 8 June but CCP officials stopped them at the door and said that their superior had issued a new order prohibiting anyone from visiting Minister Wu. Later, officials barred another member and her child from entering, but she “visited” Minister Wu and Xiong Meifang over the door chain.

Minister Wu repeatedly phoned the police from 4 June to seek help with the situation, but none was forthcoming. Xiong Meifang told several police officers who came to the apartment that human laws originated in the Ten Commandments that God gave Moses and they left and did not process their report.