School Required 4 yr Old Participation in Gay Pride Parade

Christian Concern has announced that the Christian Legal Centre is supporting a Christian mother whose four-year-old son was required to take part in a school’s gay pride parade against her will is to have her legal case heard in court this week.

In June 2018, Mrs Izzy Montague made national headlines after being aggressively told by the headteacher of Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon, south London, that her son could not opt-out of the pride event despite the families’ Christian beliefs.

Mrs Montague launched legal action against the school on the grounds of direct and indirect discrimination, victimisation and breaches of statutory duties under the Education Act 1996 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

The ground-breaking case is the first time that a UK court will scrutinise the legality of imposing LGBT ideology on primary schools. The court will look at the impact it has on religious belief, the human rights of parents and their children, the right to opt out of ideological education, and a schools’ duty of political neutrality.

This case will be heard at Central London County Court from Wednesday 14 – 21 July.