Sixteen Year Old Pakistani Christian Girl Kidnapped

Sixteen Year old Pakistani Christian Girl Kidnapped

By British Pakistani Christian Association

A sixteen year old Christian girl being kidnapped from her family home.  The incident is said to have happened on 9 August 2021.

“The Christian girl was forcibly abducted from her own home while her grandmother and sisters tried to prevent the gang of Muslim men who entered their house from enacting the crime. 

“At around 11.30 am, Monday, 9th August, Muqadas Nadeem Masih (16 yrs)  from Shorkot, Jhang, was abducted from her home in front of her family and other villagers by three men, all armed with pistols. 

“At the time, Muqadass and her younger sister were working on household chores with their grandmother Sardara Bibi (75 yrs).  Her parents Nadeem Masih (40 yrs) and Akhtar Parveen (40 yrs) were out of the home working.  Parveen is a domestic cleaner for a local wealthy Muslim family and  Nadeem works as a local government street cleaner on daily wages. 

“Suddenly and abruptly three men all armed with .32 calibre pistols, entered the house of the Christian family after kicking open their doors. The kidnapper clutched Muqadas by her right arm and started dragging her out of the home. Her grandmother and younger sister Mehwish (14 yrs) rushed towards Muqadas to save her from the clutches of Mr Malik who shoved Sardara Bibi with great force, making her hit her head on the main door and she crumpled to the floor in pain from a bleeding gash on her head. Seeing her grandmother on the floor covered in blood and her sister being wrenched away by the three men Mehwish began to scream hysterically causing neighbours to come out of their homes to see what was causing such commotion in what is normally a peaceful neighbourhood of few homes. 

Sardara Bibi spoke with British Asian Christian Association, she said: 

“The man came with two henchmen, they kicked the door open and entered our home. 

“They grabbed Muqadas with great force and roughly began dragging her out while she kicked and screamed. 

“I rushed to rescue her with my other grand-daughter we had no strength against the brutal men. 

“The man pushed me with great force and my head hit a door I was dazed, bleeding and in so much pain. 

“The men began beating my other grand daughters who were trying to help. 

“Muqadas was screaming for help but the men just carried her away we could do nothing to stop them.” 

“Because of the timing of the abduction most of locals in the few homes in the area (around 5 homes) were women, as the men had started work. The women shouted for the release of Muqadas but were too afraid to attempt to free her.  Two local Christian men, Ismail Masih and Gulzar Masih however, were called and they rushed to rescue Muqadas but before they could reach close enough to attempt a rescue the kidnapper had pushed Muqadas forcefully into his van and had sped away in his vehicle”.