Trinitarian Bible Society Nearing Completion of Vaiphei Language Translation of the Bible

Trinitarian Bible Society Nearing Completion Vaiphei Language Translation of the Bible

The Trinitarian Bible Society has announced the near completion of the Vaiphei language translation of the Bible.

The Society says that, 

“Vaiphei is a language spoken primarily in Manipur, India by approximately 40,000 people spread across 30 villages.  Lord willing, this tribal group will soon have a faithful Bible in their own language.

“We give thanks to God that the Vaiphei Bible revision committee have recently completed their work and have passed the text for the entire Bible over to the Editorial Department for checking.  In handing over the text our main Vaiphei contact remarked, ‘Lots of people asked me and my colleague when we were going to complete our revision work and when can we have the TBS Vaiphei Bible in our hands and read it’?  People are hungry for the word of God, and they are seeking to buy/get hold of the Bible, but we are unable to put one in their hands yet, this pains me much’.

“The Editorial Department has begun checking the set which will be followed by typesetting.  The Bible will then be. Checked and proofread by the Editorial Department and the Vaiphei revision team before being printed and distributed”.