Letter to the Editor: Welcome the Afghani Refugees but Know the Problems

Welcome the Afghani Refugees But Know the Problems


Dear Sir,

There is widespread sympathy for resettling Afghans into Britain fleeing from tyranny and persecution and I am supportive of it. Many of them are Muslims and will have every facility to follow their religion in a tolerant UK nation, but in the world of pragmatism problems can be envisaged and it has got nothing to do with race which liberal/leftists will argue erroneously, as Islam is a global religion. There are two areas where this powerful faith will engender difficulties emanating from Afghanistan as in the past and two are as follows:-

ECONOMIC WELL-BEING. The difficulty Is in bringing economic well being to Britain  since this religion is separatist in finances as well as in other matters. It was a David Cameron Government which introduced Sharia Banking to the City to avoid conflict. There are different practices such as with interest rates! The theocratic nature of Islam sequesters and segregates finances, social interaction, and the general conduct of both working and domestic life, to avoid ‘contamination’ from a non-Muslim system.

SOCIAL WELL-BEING. Islam governs all aspects of a citizen’s life, and permits little or any departure from its rules, other than being on the ascendency. This is at the centre of where the policy of ‘Social Cohesion’ has difficulty due to demographic cultural variations, although workable in most of the Middle East. It is an immutable fact that there is a history of social disruption to host societies when it comes to assimilation.

Reiterating my support for the arrivals of Afghans to Britain with a heritage steeped in Christianity, there needs to be a vision of where the country will be in later years with an expanding Islamic population and problems must not be swept under the carpet, however unpalatable to address. Contrary to theories by liberal Church Leaders Christians do not worship the same God as Muslims who view Jesus as a prophet, and not part of the Holy Trinity. It is Christian to be hospitable and welcome the stranger but not at the cost of Christianity being compromised or abandoned. Full Churches do not get sold to Wine Bars, Furniture Centres or Mosques! I appreciate the contents of this letter will offend some people, but looking at the overall picture with sensitivity is not ‘racist’, and I will pray for the souls of our new arrivals. Only God can fundamentally change lives and nations!