Football Star Neymar Gets Paid for Not Talking About His Faith

Football Star Neymar Gets Paid for Not Talking About His Faith

Premier Christian News reported a story that first appeared on the Spanish language news outlet, El Mundo, that Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) star Neymar receives €541,680 (£461,947) gross per month if he avoids any “political or religious propaganda that could damage the image and unity of the club”. 

That’s according to an investigation by Spanish news outlet El Mundo, which leaked the forward’s contract with Qatari owned PSG.

It is understood that Neymar would receive €6.2 million (£5.28 million) a year as part of an ‘ethical clause’ included in his contract with the Parisian club.  Other sources say his yearly compensation is on the order of 

He is also required to avoid any “negative public comments about the club, those who work there and those who support it” as the club wants an “exemplary behaviour, especially in the field” from the player. 

The clause also encourages him to be “courteous, punctual, friendly and available to fans”.

The 29-year-old has previously made several references to his Christian faith. He grew up going to Peniel Baptist church in his native Sao Paulo with its lead pastor Newton Lobato revealing the footballer tithes around €18,000 every year. 

Neymar once said: “Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ”. 

He has also been seen receiving trophies wearing a headband stating “100% Jesus”, such as the Champions league final celebration in 2016 when F.C. Barcelona claimed the title. 

The Brazilian player is one of the best paid in the world.  His weekly income, without bonuses, is over €700,000 per week.