Scottish Episcopal Church in Dire Straits over Aberdeen & Orkney

Scottish Episcopal Church in Dire Straits over Aberdeen and Orkney

The Scottish Episcopal Church appears to be in dire straits regarding the ongoing saga in the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney.  Anne Dyer was appointed bishop after the diocese failed to elect a candidate.  The Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney had not supported the innovation of female bishops.

Since her appointment by the College of Bishops in 2017, there have been rumblings as to how she has or has not led the diocese.  Allegations of bullying by the bishop have surfaced on a somewhat routine basis.  

As a result, an investigation was authorised by the College of Bishops to attempt and sort out the problem.  They chose the former Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Professor Iain Torrance to perform the task. 

Initially, the College of Bishops refused to release the text of the report. However, someone saw to it that it was published and the findings were not complimentary to Bishop Dyer.

Torrance’s report said he, “cannot recommend the continuation of a tenure in which I fear that more people will be made to feel diminished and discouraged.”  

He continued, “Consequently, I recommend that, for the good of the diocese, she be immediately granted a period of sabbatical leave and step back permanently from the diocese.”

Torrance, Pro-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen and former President of Princeton Theological Seminary in the US, is an outspoken supporter of the ordination of homosexual clergy.  He has served the Territorial Army as a Padre and was appointed Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO) in 2019.