Heidi Crowter: I Feel Discriminated Against

Heidi Crowter

“I Feel Discriminated Against”

Twenty-six year old Heidi Crowter lost her bid to stop abortions for babies with Down’s Syndrome in a court ruling on 23 September.  Ms Crowter, who has Down’s Syndrome, launched the legal bid to stop the practice earlier in the year calling the procedure discriminatory.

The BBC reported that Ms Crowter’s legal representatives had “argued the rules” governing the medical intervention “were unlawfully discriminatory.”  Their argument was based on their understanding of the European Convention on Human Rights. The government’s legal team disagreed, as did the two senior judges who dismissed the case.

Ms Crowter said she would appeal and that, “the fight is not over.

The BBC report continued:

“Ms Crowter, who is married and campaigns under her maiden name, said: “We face discrimination every day in schools, in the work place and in society. And now thanks to this verdict the judges have upheld discrimination in the womb too.”

She added on Twitter: “The judges might not think [the law] discriminates against me, the government might not think it discriminates against me, but I am telling you I feel discriminated against.

“The judges concluded the legislation was a matter for Parliament “which can take account of different interests and viewpoints, rather than in litigation.”