Westminster Conference 2021 Dates Set

Westminster Conference 2021 Dates Set

The Westminster Conference for Theological and Historical Study is scheduled for 6-7 December  (Monday and Tuesday) in London at Regent Hall (The Salvation Army) on Oxford Street.

The Conference Secretary asks people to book online by Tuesday, 30 November.  Full registration cost is £50 for non-students and £30 for students.  Single day registration costs £30.

The six speakers for this year’s gathering are: Andrew Roycroft, Pastor of Portadown Baptist Church in Northern Ireland, Stephan Clark, Principal of EMW Theological Training Course, Chad Van Dixhoorn, Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, Paul Wells, Emeritus Professor of the Faculte Jean Calvin Aix-en-Provence and editor of Unio Cum Christo; additionally, Philip Haines, Pastor of Ely Presbyterian Church in Cardiff and Gary Brady, Pastor of Childs Hill Baptist Church in London.

Further information can be found at: www.westminsterconference.co.uk.