Letter to the Editor: Assisted Suicide

Letter to the Editor

Assisted Suicide

Dear Sir,

One of the main arguments in favour of the abolition of the death penalty fifty or sixty years ago was that occasionally an innocent person would be killed.  If parliament votes to allow assisted suicide then the only people affected will be innocent people, whether people who wish to die or people who do not wish to die.  

In view of the events of the last eighteen months, a vote for assisted suicide would be nothing short of an endorsement of any wrongdoings that took place or any wrong procedures or practices that were employed.

Meanwhile, the BBC attacks the racism of Hitler but does not attack the murderous practices of Hitler; the authorities are keen to release a double murderer at a time when nobody seems to have sympathy for the people who, for example, have received wrongly issued DNR notices; and climate change protestors (who should be protesting in Australia, China, or India) are allowed to endanger the public.  Open-air preachers, moreover, who seem to be the only people in the country still declaring “Don’t kill, don’t steal, love your neighbour,” (thereby promoting what is still by a whisker) the law of the land) are in danger of being taken into custody.

I believe these are some of the things (just some!) that we may pray about and write to our MP about.

Thanks for your newspaper and the excellent article by Prudence Dailey on the main subject of this letter.

John Shales