Letter to the Editor: The Murder of Sir David Amess

Murder of Sir David Amess

Dear Editor,

I grieve at the loss of a friend and former Party colleague Sir David Amess, MP who was murdered in an increasingly dangerous world. In the 70s I worked with David in the Young Conservatives before he became an MP and he was clearly a talent on the ascendancy. The rest is successful history! My memory from early days was working with him in opposition to Europe and his consistency followed him through the years as a committed Brexiteer.

We shared the same pro life views and he was unique in nothing nasty being said of him by abortionists, carrying unflinching respect across the political divide and socio economic mix.

We shared our Christian faith and his witness was practised rather than preached. My prayers go out to his family at their tragic loss, “For such a time as this”, Esther 4 v 14.