Bishop of the Arctic on the Book of Common Prayer

Bishop of the Arctic on the Book of Common Prayer

Bishop David Parsons, bishop for the Canadian, Diocese of the Arctic, is known for his straightforward approach to leading his flock at the top of the world.  He often communicates to the them via social media.  

He recently commented on the place of the Book of Common Prayer (slightly modified 1662 for the Canadian Church) in keeping the diocese doctrinally sound.

“Friends, the BCP has helped keep the Arctic Christ centred and doctrinally sound. It needs to be said the alternative prayer books were not intended to stand alone and especially they were not supposed to lord over the BCP.  Why?  Because the alternative prayer books exclude our statements of faith, especially they exclude the 39 Articles and their lectionary censors any scripture that may hurt our feelings. 

“Friends, it’s time to grow up. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle and we must be dressed for battle… battle not against humans but battle against demons, demons and their tasty attractive deceptions. 

“As a bishop let me ask you, do you renounce Satan? 

“Do you renounce evil powers of this world? 

“Do you renounce the evil desires of your own flesh that draw you away from the love of God?

“Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour? 

“Will you accept the apostles teaching and join in the fellowship and prayers, in the breaking of bread and holy communion? 

“Will you continue as a member of the body of Christ and not forsake in the assembling of yourselves together but gather to focus on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith? 

“And, will you teach your children this Christian faith and live in love and charity with your brothers and sisters of this world and share the faith of Christ with those who do not know Jesus?

“May God Almighty help us to walk with Jesus without shame.”

The Diocese of the Arctic stretches from near Greenland almost to Alaska and covers three time zones.