ACNA Gets Pro-Cathedral

ACNA Gets Pro-Cathedral

The Anglican Church in North America now has a pro-cathedral. Christ Church in Plano, Texas has been designated to serve as the provincial cathedral for the foreseeable future.  The announcement was made in a statement to the press by ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach on 14 November.  The parish is the largest within the denomination.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Christ Church Plano has been designated as the Provincial Pro-Cathedral for the Anglican Church in North America.  Christ Church has played a significant role since the beginning of the Province, being the site of the Investiture of our first Archbishop in 2009, hosting Assembly 2019, and supporting various Provincial initiatives throughout the years. It is my hope that Christ Church can be a model for Biblical teaching, liturgy, evangelism, mission, and ministry.”

The Rector of Christ Church, Paul Donison is now appointed Dean of the Provincial Pro-Cathedral.  He has served as Christ Church Plano’s Rector for nearly six years. Dean Donison said, 

“The Lord has continued to grow Christ Church Plano over the years as a flourishing community where people can fall in love with both the liturgical beauty and gospel urgency of our Anglican Tradition. Our parishioners have always believed that the Lord built us not only for our own regional mission but for the sake of blessing the mission of the Province. We are excited about our new Provincial role under Archbishop Foley’s episcopal oversight, and the opportunity to more intentionally and formally partner with others in reaching North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.