Dioceses of Down & Dromore and Diocoese of Albany End Formal Link

Dioceses of Down & Dromore and Diocese of Albany End Formal Link

The Church of Ireland Diocese of Down and Dromore and the Episcopal Church Diocese of Albany, NY have brought an end to their formal link.  The relationship has lasted for over two decades and several bishops.

The notification of the joint decision was issued quietly on Remembrance Day.

It said:

“Prior to the Diocesan Convention in Albany, both dioceses had been agreed for several months that the time had arrived to bring the formal link between our two dioceses to an end.

“Our Dioceses have enjoyed a joint link for over twenty years. This is quite remarkable as most other similar links do not continue for such a long period of time. Our link has brought many benefits and blessings to both dioceses over the years. Life–long friendships have been forged. These life–long friendships will continue into the future, but the time has come in both dioceses to bring the formal aspect of this diocesan link to an end. This will enable both dioceses to pursue new partnerships that will enable them to meet their respective missional and ministry challenges for the next season. 

“We give thanks for all that has been achieved through our diocesan link in years past and pray God’s richest blessing upon each other as we move forward.”

Bishop David McClay signed on behalf of the Diocese of Down and Dromore and Kathy Alonge-Coons signed the document on behalf of the Diocese of Albany.

Down and Dromore has long been one of the more conservative dioceses within the Church of Ireland.  Before being elected, Bishop McClay attended the Jerusalem Conference in 2008 along with his predecessor, Bishop Harold Miller.

The last bishop of Albany, Bishop William Love, left office after refusing to permit same-sex weddings within the diocese and being brought up on charges by the Presiding Bishop, the Most Revd Michael Curry.  Bishop Love has since joined the Anglican Church in North America.  The Diocese of Albany has yet to elect a successor.