Letter Rebuttal to Dailey

Letter to the Editor

Rebuttal to Dailey

Dear Sir,

On the last page of EC No 8093 Prudence Daley wrote a commentary under the heading, ‘Should Women Be Afraid Of Men’. It wouldn’t have been out of place in the Guardian Newspaper to be blunt! The feminist drive for feminine equality can be traced back to 60’s icon Jermaine Greer with the Women’s Liberation campaign, projected in instalments, which can be correlated with Prudence’s article.

We now live in society where women don’t need men and there is now an imbalance between the sexes, further perverted by birth through artificial insemination, and the promotion of transgenderism. Go to mixed sex gatherings of young people and it is the men who look subjected in an environment of fear. This is now backfiring on feminists, exemplified by Prudence saying, “Perhaps, then, it is not altogether surprising that some women feel nervous, and are seeking renewed respect from men”. The problem is that there are women who want equality on their terms with them in the driving seat. It has been known for a man to say platonically to a female colleague, “You are wearing a nice dress” and end up being accused of sexual harassment with his job on the line. Some men are fighting back with unpleasant results!

Prudence further states “Nowadays men frequently think of speaking coarsely within earshot-or even to-women”. Swearing  now transcends the sexes! This is resistance to females who want equality mixed with old fashioned values of being pampered, and it means they cannot have it both ways. Clearly the liberation of women with feminist tendencies comes at a price with a common denominator of fear on both sides. Will the editor print my writing under the commentary, ‘Should Men Be Afraid Of Women’ to counter the lady’s views? That would be real equality!

Perhaps Paul was being a visionary when he said to the Corinthians in his letter in 1 Cor 11 v 9, “Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man”. Please do not edit out this verse to avoid feminist bishops being offended.


Downham Market