Banner Borders Conference


The Banner Borders Conference met on 5-6 November 2021

in Carlisle, Cumbria. The theme this year was The Glorious Body of Christ.

Two of the five sessions were addressed by Spencer Cunnah from Kensit Church, London. He examined aspects of the Church from the book of Jeremiah and stressed the responsibility of the people of God to be faithful and loyal to their God-given calling.

George Curry, from Elswick Parish, Newcastle upon Tyne, spoke on God’s purpose for the Church from Ephesians 1, the charismatic character of the Church from Ephesians 3, and the prospect of the glory which God has in store for his people.

A foretaste of that glory is experienced now  as his people know his presence and power at work within and amongst them. The fullness will be enjoyed in the newheavens and earth which God will bring into being at the time of the return of the Lord Jesus.

A well-stocked bookstall was available, enabling attendees to return home with a good supply of excellent God honouring volumes.