Fellowship of the Word & Spirit Conference Scheduled

Fellowship of Word & Spirit Conference Scheduled

The Fellowship of the Word & Spirit Conference entitled: Leadership Reset—from Scripture to Theology to Ministry, has been scheduled for Monday, 31 January – Wednesday, 2 February.  It is a residential conference and will held at Cloverley Hall, Shropshire.

The group describes itself in saying, “We are committed to reformed theology and its application to the whole of life, but are ready to encourage and help each other wrestle with its challenges.  We are a genuine fellowship, with plenty of time given for spiritual encouragement and prayer, for cultivating friendships old and new, and for resting from the usual frantic pace of ministry.  We hope it will be a time of genuine spiritual and physical refreshment for both clergy and laity.”

This year’s focus will be on the biblical teaching regarding authority and headship in church leadership and will focus on 1Timothy.

Presenters for the conference are: Ros Clarke, George Crowder, Lee Gatiss, Clare Hendry, James Hughes, and Rob Munro.

Standard Room costs £130/person

En-suite Room costs £145/person

Booking information can be found at the www.churchsociety.org website.