Barnabas Fund Report: Help Save Lives of Persecuted Christians in Myanmar

Barnabas Fund Reports

Save lives of persecuted Christians in Myanmar

7 January 2022

“I don’t know if this poor family would still be alive without help,” said one of our project partners this week. She was talking about 33-year-old “Pah” and her children, one of many persecuted Christian families in Myanmar (Burma) who have received food and other basics from Barnabas Fund in the last year.

Killing the men

When the Myanmar military came to Pah’s village, the family fled, but soon the soldiers found them. Keeping her husband and brother, they sent away Pah, her children and her disabled mother, warning them they must not look back to see what was happening to their loved ones. Pah heard sounds behind them as if someone was being beaten up. One of her young twins looked around and told Pah that the soldiers were giving his father and uncle a severe beating. Then they heard the sound of gunshots.

After a week, news came that the military had burned down the village. Pah went to see, and found her husband’s body amongst those who had died in the flames. All their possessions were destroyed.

“I just comfort myself with the words of God”

Since then the family have been moving from place to place. Pah’s mother has died. Pah struggles desperately to provide for her children.

“I just comfort myself with the words of God,” says Pah, “and I’m strongly believing that God will continue to protect me and my children.” She thanks Him for keeping them thus far, and thanks our project partner and Barnabas Fund for their practical aid.

Violence against the mainly Christian ethnic minorities of Myanmar is continuing. At least 23 church buildings were burned or destroyed along with more than 350 civilian homes in Chin State between August and December.

On Christmas Day the charred bodies of at least 35 civilians were found in a village in a predominantly Christian area of Kayah State; they had apparently been shot by the army the day before and then burned.