MSC Seminar: Cultural Marxist Challenges & Us: Exposing, Resisting, & Restoring

MSC Seminar

Cultural Marxist Challenges & Us: Exposing, Resisting, and Restoring

The Christian advocacy group, MSC (Marriage, Sex, and Culture Group, London), will hold a half-day seminar in London on Tuesday, 1 February.

Facilitated by Dr Lisa Nolland, the seminar will address the matter of “Cultural Marxist Challenges & Us: Exposing, Resisting, and Restoring.”

In promoting the event, Dr Nolland said, 

“Are you concerned by odd comments made by your children or grandchildren on sexual issues? Do you wonder why the Government and the institutions of society—education, culture, business, the press—obsess about LGBT rights? Do you find yourself self-censoring or promoting causes you fundamentally disagree with in order to stay employed?  And have you asked yourself why the church seems to be missing in action or asleep at the wheel here?  

“If you answer yes to any of the above, the upcoming conference sponsored by the MSC (Marriage, Sex and Culture Group, London) may be of help:  ‘Cultural Marxist Challenges and Us:  Exposing, Resisting, Restoring’.  

This timely event is on Tuesday, 1st Feb, London (near Westminster tube station), from 12.45-6.00 PM.  Concessions are available, both for in person attendance and via a zoom live link (which can also be watched later).

“Delegates will hear from those at the cutting edge of these minefield issues, and be empowered to start pushing back and reclaiming the terrain.  Though the MSC does God 24 7, it warmly welcomes all who are appalled by the revolution occurring before our eyes, but more importantly, want to do something about it.”

For more information or tickets contact Dr Nolland at: