Letter to the Editor: Concerning the Salvation Army’s International Justice Commission

Letter to the Editor

Concerning the Salvation Army’s International Justice Commission


Concerned uproar has erupted after the Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission recently published a guide called “Let’s Talk About Racism”.

Cries of “wokeness” have resulted among the discerning public, with The Salvation Army facing sound allegations of accommodating Critical Race Theory after asking [White] followers to “lament, repent and apologise [sic] for biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed”.

It certainly appears members of The Salvation Army along with their adherents and donors are being asked to confront their own “racial wrongthink” over the sin of “White Privilege” as some kind of bizarre purification ritual in the ever expanding church of wokeness spreading like a viral pandemic across our little global world these days.  It’s similar to the absurdly incongruous Trojan-horse ritual performed “voluntarily” by millionaire woke footballers who now routinely take the knee (to unGodly Cultural Marxism) inside big bustling Capitalist temples of materialism!

The Salvation Army has since issued a defensive statement in the meantime saying it has withdrawn its controversial guide on racism for appropriate review.  Whatever the current position is, the American public has already reacted strongly, with many saying they will stop making donations to the Red Kettle campaign.

By the way, what colour is racism, or more to the point, what colour is a racist these days?  There seems to be a lot of colour blindness around surrounding the answer to that bullseye question.

The Great Commission in The Bible is to take The Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations; it would not make sense for anyone to accuse or even suggest (White) Christians of being racist.

Perhaps the Salvation Army Commission on Social Justice should itself lament, repent and apologise – on bended knees to The God in The Bible.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Forsyth