Archbishop of York Calls for Global Anglicans to have say in Archbishop of Canterbury Appointment

Archbishop of York Calls for Global Anglicans to Have Say in Archbishop of Canterbury Appointment

In a letter to, The Times, The Most Revd Stephen Cottrell has said that is “right and proper” that Anglican leaders from around the world should have input into the selection of the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

The idea is to grant overseas members of the Anglican Communion representation on the Crown Nominations Commission for the See of Canterbury.

He wrote:  “it has long been acknowledged that the Archbishop of Canterbury’s critical role as first among equals of the bishops of the worldwide Anglican Communion, when set against his responsibilities in relation to the Diocese of Canterbury, means in future appointments the Anglican Communion should have a greater voice.”

He continued, “Five members from around the Anglican Communion could not, mathematically, block the decision of everyone else, even if they did all vote the same way. But this misses the point. Since the Archbishop of Canterbury does have such a role within the worldwide Anglican Communion, it is right and proper that the Anglican Communion has a say in who it should be.”

Liberals are in opposition of the idea because of the more biblically conservative nature of the Anglican provinces in other parts of the world.  There is widespread opposition to women’s ordination let alone women bishops.  Additionally, most Anglican provinces have no time for the idea of approving same-sex marriages or the ordination of practising homosexuals.