Letter: Regarding Gatiss & the Call to Action

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

Two related comments about Mr. Gatiss’ Calls for Action, EC.8098. 

First, I searched in vain for a clear statement of action for if ever a clarion call were needed it must be here [yet again, we still wait!]. The nearest I perceived was the comment “not just to resist but to pull hard in the opposite direction.” Then followed a series of hopeful platitudes that things might not be as bad as we imagine, ameliorating comments that sidestep the huge nature of the problem. He points out briefly and correctly, the weakness of many Evangelicals who have capitulated to the mind-set which surrounds them. But where is there any clear and decisive comment of what must be done to resist? Where in these comments was the reminder that the honour of the Living God is at stake? The clear delineation of the righteousness and holiness required in God’s people? That the document Living in Love and Faith is not the Gospel but the deception of Satan? This document is the latest abomination from Synod and it seems we have the option of voting it out. So, it seems Gospel truth is decided by a show of hands! 

However, this bring us to the Second point, there is an alternative not mentioned, the back door option. How were the 39 Articles relegated to being mere historical documents? By a vote? What led to the Bible being denied as the final authority in all matters of faith and practice? A show of hands? No. Any Evangelical objections were sidestepped and “it just happened”. Liberalism loves the back door, it is rarely noticed and usually left unguarded. Our two fundamental pillars slowly evaporated and were eviscerated of any importance and all business in Synod is now without any fundamental foundation – the liberal agenda has won because Evangelicals work within the liberal framework.

Whatever the nature of the decision regarding the document Living in Love and Faith, be sure of this: if rejected, it will be slipped in quietly by the back door; if accepted, in whatever form, it will be without any significant demur. Do we really show Biblical resistance by voting? Truly? Bible believing Christian do not debate sin, they proclaim against it. This document should be denounced for what it is, an abomination, an affront to the Holy, Lord of Glory. Since when has Biblical truth and the Holiness of God been decided by a show of hands? This document denies the Gospel, it will destroy lives, it dims yet further the fading light of Evangelical clarity and sets yet more firmly the retreat from the truth of Salvation only in Christ. There is a fallacy which too many Evangelicals refuse to see: we never return to the point we left. The document may fail to pass [openly] this time but the downward slope is irreversible. Mr. Gatiss reminds us that the devil is a liar and the arch deceiver. Do we debate wickedness or denounce it?

Here is a mode of resistance if you will: when the document comes up again – and it will do so until “in” – will all the Evangelicals in Synod stand as one man, denounce the document for the abomination it is and refuse to debate this sin? Will they call Synod to repentance for countenancing such wickedness and call for those who practice such God denying activities to leave? Will they do so volubly and persistently? To ask the question is to know the answer.

Yours, sincerely,

John Dunn