Letter: In Support of an Anglican Evangelical Newspaper

In Support of an Anglican Evangelical Newspaper


Dear Sir.

I would like to respond to David Flemings’s letter in EC 8098.

David is concerned that the English Churchman under its new

Editor has become ultra-Anglican.  I have been reading English

Churchman for 25 years now and yes it was general Conservative

Evangelical with an Anglican dimension and now it has become an

Anglican evangelical newspaper.  However, l would suggest in these

days there is a crying need for an Anglican Evangelical newspaper.

Church of England Newspaper is confused and Church Times is not


There needs to be a media focal point for Anglican Evangelicals to 

earnestly contend for the faith inside and outside the National Church

and to be informed.  We should support that, previous revivals in 

England, even the last one in the 1920s in East Anglia have always 

included the Church of England.

For those of us outside the National Church as well as English Churchman,

there is British Church Newspaper, Evangelicals Now, and the superb 

Evangelical Times.  Surely Anglican Evangelicals deserve their own newspaper. 

Philip Hoskins