Report from Christ Church, Kiev

Report from Christ Church, Kiev

The Church Warden from Christ Church, Kiev (Diocese of Europe) asked,  “Please pray for peace for Ukraine.”

Church Warden, Christina Laschenko-Stafiychuk said, “Christ Church parish has been overwhelmed with support by messages from across the world.” 

“Please pray for peace for Ukraine and Eastern and Central Europe,”“I would like to thank to all our friends from the Anglican Communion who wrote and called us during last few days to express their support and solidarity in prayer. 

“There are too many to mention by name, but just to mention some congregations from across the UK, Brussels, and in Moscow. 

“Our thanks also to the Diocese in Europe and the Canterbury Cathedral Garden Congregation for their special prayers for a peaceful settlement in the last week.”

The congregation of Christ Church meets in the German Lutheran Church in Central Kiev. Born out of a small prayer group, the parish moved to its current site in 2001. 

With the support of the Diocese in Europe, the congregation has relied on locum (or non-permanent) priests although is hoping for a more permanent solution.

With a regular community of between 10 and 22 people, Christ Church draws its congregation from across the world and Ukraine.