The Society Meets to Discuss Episcopal Vacancies

The Society Meets to Discuss Episcopal Vacancies

The Council of Bishops of the Church of England’s Anglo-Catholic group known as “The Society” met recently to discuss the episcopal vacancies at Beverley and Ebbsfleet.  It is supported by Forward in Faith.

“The Society’s Council of Bishops met recently and were greatly encouraged by work underway on their behalf in the areas of mission and of vocations. More on these excellent initiatives will become available over the course of the coming months.

“The clergy and people of the Sees of Beverley and of Ebbsfleet are very much at the forefront of the bishops’ minds and prayer cycles at present, given the episcopal vacancy in each See. The bishops are in close touch with those responsible for the appointments in the Church of England to ensure that the appointment processes run as smoothly as possible.

“Given that we are about to enter the holy season of Lent, the bishops offer their blessing to all supporters of The Society, and indeed all Christians, as they prepare to mark this most sacred time in deep and humble preparation for our joyful celebration of the risen Lord at Easter. It seems particularly poignant to reflect this year on the suffering the pandemic has wrought and to set out our well-founded hopes for life to return to normality before long.”