Welby Denounces P&O for Sacking 800 British Workers

Welby Denounces P&O for Sacking 800 British Workers

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has denounced P&O Ferries for sacking 800 British workers before replacing them with cheaper paid foreign workers.  Mr Welby also called on Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, “to prevent P&O operating until proper consultation has been carried out.”

P&O Ferries, a subsidiary of DP World of Dubai, fired all its staff via Zoom and email on the 17th of March.

Mr Welby was forceful in his denunciation of the company saying, “Ill-treating workers is not just business.  In God’s eyes it is sin.”

He continued, “The extraordinary move is at the command of DP World, the Dubai based and owned parent company, which made record profits last year. The move is cynically timed for a moment when world attention is on Ukraine. Done without warning or consultation it is inhumane, treats human beings as a commodity of no basic value or dignity and is completely unethical.”

Welby also called on the government to provide “extraordinary financial and development assistance” to the City of Dover if Secretary Shapps and the government are unable to remedy the situation.