Government Does a U-Turn on Conversion Ban Therapy

Government Does U-Turn on Conversion Therapy Ban

Final Version to Exclude Transgendered

The UK Government did a quick U-Turn on the proposed Conversion Therapy Ban.  The Government had initially intended for legislation to bar any attempt to dissuade someone from any change in gender or sexual preference.  Hours before the final vote, there was an announcement that the bill would not go for a vote and that then changed to say that it would apply to sexuality but not gender identification.

Pro LGBT+ groups decried the change in legislation.  The outspoken groups, Stonewall and the Ozanne Foundation were two among many organisations lobbying for the bill.  

The chair of Trans Media Watch, Jane Fae, responded to the change by saying she felt, “gutted, not surprised and very very worried about the community.”  

Furthermore, Fae said, “It’s not about therapy, it is not even about talking, it is about mistreatment, abuse and in some cases torture.”

The Deputy Director of The Christian Institute, Simon Calvert opposed the legislation. He told the BBC it was disappointing that the government had “caved in to people who see this law as a way of punishing evangelicals for their beliefs about sexuality.”

The impetus for the legislation was the response to a LGBT survey by the government in 2017.  According to BBC over 108,000 people had engaged in the consultation.