Jesus College Chooses Not to Appeal Rustat Judgment

Jesus College Chooses Not to Appeal Rustat Judgment

Jesus College, Cambridge announced that it would not appeal the Rustat Judgment.  The statement was made in a press release on the morning of 12 April.  

“Having taken advice, and after much thought, the college council has decided not to appeal the disappointing judgement. While we believe the judgement is fundamentally wrong, the time and costs involved in appealing the decision are significant, and the grounds on which we are allowed to appeal are restrictive.”

In an interview with the Cambridge Independent, Alleyne said that the process for handling memorialisation “is not fit for purpose.”  She continued, it also “shows a lack of understanding of the lived experience of people of colour in modern Britain.”

The Church of England has a long process to add or remove memorials within its churches.  

The unsuccessful attempt at removing the Rustat Memorial cost Jesus College £120,000 in legal fees.  Sixty-five alumni joined to meet the legal expenses in opposing Alleyne’s effort.