Letter: Welby’s New-Found Emphasis on Judgment of God

Welby’s Newly-Found Emphasis on Judgment of God

Dear Editor, 

I have been reflecting on Archbishop Welby’s Easter sermon, which expresses once more his newly-found emphasis the judgment of God. The Archbishop demonstrates great clarity in invoking divine judgement over the issue of illegal immigration, an issue not addressed directly in Scripture, yet cannot mention God’s judgment in relation to homosexual activity, which Bible does address.

Where is the morality in allowing people who are not fleeing danger in France to leapfrog ahead of those diligently and patiently proceeding through the legal system to settle in the UK? Is the Archbishop suggesting that God closes his eyes to that injustice? Is God’s judgment reserved only for people and policies of which Archbishop Welby does not approve? How remarkable his judgment and God’s are so closely aligned.

How come the issue of human sexuality is a complex one, requiring years of listening processes not to mention a published course for the Church, whereas the issues surrounding illegal entry into the country are so simple that the Archbishop can pronounce anathemas after less than a week’s reflection? Once more I can only marvel at how remarkable the whole thing is.


EM Brown