Concerns About Christians Being Labelled “Far-Right Extremists”

Letter to the Editor

Concerns About Christians Being Labelled “Far-Right Extremists”


Scotland’s largest Mosque known as the Glasgow Central Mosque is currently being used as a Covid jab centre even for people who do not live nearby.  Glasgow has numerous other Covid jab centres distributed in various parts of the city much nearer for some people than the Central Mosque.

The Central Mosque is situated on Mosque Avenue in Glasgow’s south side.  The location was formerly known as St Ninian Street.

Several Christians I raised this highly contemporaneous subject with — including several ministers — did not know about it.  I’m left wondering if any Christian raising concerns about entering a Mosque for a Covid jab will be flagged up by the vaccinator snoopers as a “far-right extremist”?  And if you think that is an over reaction, read on.

A tweet dated 9 April 2022 is headed: “Effectively, everyone who volunteered with Britain’s vaccine programme was a cultural Marxist who agreed to rat out right wingers to the government.”  It shows how modern vaccinator recruits — mostly retired medics — must attend over 20 courses including some on diversity, equality and preventing radicalisation, although what all that has to do with the administering Covid jabs remains a mystery.  

Once upon a time jab training involved practising on an orange; nowadays it’s more of a recruiting drive for Cultural Marxists!  One irrelevant question asked recruits if it was only because of racial abuse that a Muslim [terrorist] might desire to harm others — the latter being yet another egregious conflation of race and Islam.  Another asked incongruously if a “far-right extremist” would be more likely to blow up a pop concert than a follower of Islam?

Andrew Forsyth