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The Faith of the Queen; A Cleric’s Reflections

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Letter: Hormone Therapy

Letter: Hormone Therapy


The film “The Imitation Game” aired recently on BBC TV featuring wartime Enigma code breaker Alan Turing raises an interesting ingredient – that of sex hormone “treatment”.

Turing was later criminally convicted in 1952 of gross (homosexual) indecency and chose DES (oestrogen hormone therapy) instead of 2 years imprisonment as his sentence.  DES was intended at that time as a man-made measure to “compassionately” cure homosexuality.

Loud criticism is heard nowadays about Turing’s judicial hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy is still a contentious subject — albeit with the major focus on transsexuals.  Many people — not only Christians — now face ostracism for speaking out, such as a new breakaway group called the LGB Alliance (note the absent “T”) which broke away from Stonewall because the former, unlike the latter, does not believe people should have a legal right to wilfully change their natal sex.  The LGB Alliance also raised concerns about the rapid explosion of trans-sexual hormone therapy cases.  The sudden 4,000% increase in transsexual hormone therapy cases, particularly among confused callow youngsters far too immature to make a perplexing decision with life-long consequences, is a cause of grave concern to any sane person.

Christians would much prefer to offer homosexuals and transsexuals The Gospel which makes it clear that they too can be freely CONVERTED by Grace through Faith Alone in Jesus Christ just like any other repentant sinner in the human race.  Unlike in Islam which makes it clear homosexuals will be horribly killed without mercy to this day!

Ok,  I’ll now be hysterically deemed guilty of various phobias and no doubt of the latest conversion-therapy-crime-speak — despite my comments being based on the LOVE of God towards lost mankind, John 3:16.

PS  There is a distinct conflation of current Biblical CONVERSION through prayer or preaching with man-made AVERSION therapies of yesteryear in the latest onslaught against Christians.


Yours faithfully

Andrew Forsyth