Church of England Evangenlical Council Launches Two Initiatives

Church of England Evangelical Council Launches Two Initiatives

The Church of England Evangelical Council has launched two new initiatives  to “serve evangelicals in local churches across the C of E.”  The CEEC was the brainchild of the late John Stott, then Rector of All Souls’ Langham Place.

The first initiative is a set of films lasting from 5-7 minutes that are intended to assist local churches in coming to grips with the various issues surrounding human sexuality.  The first two of these films are available from the CEEC website (  There is no charge for the use of the films.  Both films are designed to further the case as was set out in “The Beautiful Story” video from last year.  They were designed to be used in discussion groups, PCCs, and leadership teams, etc.

The second initiative is to enrol 50,000 people in local churches for an e-bulletin that will aid everyone in local churches to stay informed as the Church of England gets beyond Living in Love & Faith.  The e-bulletin will be sent out every 4-6 weeks.  The CEEC said, “we believe this will be an important channel of communication, and we encourage evangelicals in every church to sign up to receive this free e-bulletin.”

Bishop Keith Sinclair (Birkenhead, ret.) is the National Director of the CEEC.

Sign-up for the e-bulletin can be done through the CEEC website.