ACNA’s Response to the ACO Office: We Have Not Agreed to Walk Together

Anglican Church in North America’s Response to Anglican Communion Office

“We Have Not Agreed to Walk Together”

Short and direct answers are a rarity when it comes to bishops answering questions.  However, ACNA Archbishop and Chair of GAFCON, Foley Beach, gave such when asked by the English Churchman his response to the ACO’s statement that the ACNA had been invited to attend the upcoming Lambeth Conference.

“As long as the Archbishop of Canterbury is inviting bishops to Lambeth who are living in immorality and continuing to tear the fabric of the Communion, the Anglican Church in North America and other GAFCON provinces will not participate in the Lambeth Conference.  We have not agreed to ‘walk together.’ That narrative is not true; we didn’t agree to this.  There are some things that we simply cannot agree to disagree on, and the biblical truth about human sexuality is one of those things.”

It is commonly expected that more provinces within the Anglican Communion will be joining a boycott of the upcoming Lambeth Conference in solidarity with Beach’s position.  It is unclear as to whether or not the number of provinces sitting out Welby’s last Lambeth Conference will be greater than in 2008.

At this point, the most likely are thought to be Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda but those numbers will likely increase amongst the normally more theologically conservative provinces.  Additionally, there will be individual dioceses that will boycott from within provinces that will send representation. The Anglican Church of Australia will take part but it is highly improbable that Sydney Diocese or North West Australia will send its bishops.