Letters: Regarding the Lambeth Conference

Regarding the Lambeth Conference


Dear Editor,

With reference to the front page article of the EC, No 8104 concerning restrictions on media access to the Lambeth Conference, I would say that their organisers have every right to vet all who attend. After all it is their show. On our side, we might ban mainstream media, especially the BBC, from reporting on our conferences, knowing that their journalists will misrepresent and use our event to push their own agenda.

But we do not need to attend the  Conference in order to find out what the agenda is – its “aims and purposes”. Its media office have clearly spelt them out: “Dailogue on World affairs” and “call to action on global issue”, without mentioning once the name of Jesus Christ.

I once confronted the Rev. George Browning in the Anglican village school of Child Okeford, Dorset, in the Diocese of Salisbury. He had previously been reinstated as the Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn after he been found guilty of committing adultery with a woman he was counselling. His message was that the mission of the church was to save the planet from ecological disaster.   I asked him whether in view of the fact that Jesus Christ was to return soon, this was a greater threat to mankind than global warming? Oh no, he replied the apostle Paul got that wrong! I further asked whether he thought that homosexuality (and abortion) were a greater threat to the continuance of the human race, than the extinction of Dorset lizards and toads. At this point a retired Vice Admiral, sitting behind me spoke up and said, “Ah hem, I think it is time someone else asked a question”!

The agenda of the Lambeth Conference is to silence all dissent.

David Skinner