130th Anniversary of the Bible League

130th Anniversary of The Bible League

A special meeting was held on Saturday, 7th May at ‘Providence’ Baptist Church, Cheltenham, in thankfulness to God for sustaining the Bible League for 130 years.  Rev Neil Pfeiffer chaired the meeting and Rev Pooyan Mehrshahi (Pastor at ‘Providence,’ Cheltenham) read from the Scriptures and led in prayer.  

A short report of the League was to be given by Mr John Hooper, a trustee, but sadly, he was detained at the last moment from being present.  However, he sent a script which was read by the chairman.  Amongst many other interesting facts, it was stated, ‘The mortal remains of C H Spurgeon were laid to rest in West Norwood Cemetery on Thursday, 11th February, 1892.  The very next day an article appeared in a Christian periodical under the title ‘What is to be done?’ and the author wrote, Disbelief in the inspiration, and even the accuracy, of the Word of God has apparently firmly established itself in the seats of learning and is spreading daily …..   The article then goes on to suggest the formation of a Bible Defence League.  On 3rd May in the Exeter Hall, London. the Bible League was formally constituted.’  

Following this very interesting paper on the history, Rev John Thackway spoke of some of the literature recently produced by the Bible League, particularly mentioning works by the late Bishop Thompson which had been collated and printed in a book entitled, ‘Valiant for the Truth.’  

The preacher was Rev Malcolm Watts, a former chairman of the League, and he spoke from 1 Corinthians 15:58, ‘Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.’  After referring to the word ‘therefore’ and emphasising that the exhortation was given in the light of the truth of the resurrection; and also asserting that the message was given to beloved brethren, the family of God, Mr Watts majored on the three main words of the exhortation.  We should be stedfast in (1) doctrine, (2) behaviour, and (3) endeavour,   We must be unmovable in spite of (1) Satan, (2) troubles, and (3) bad examples.  Then we should be abounding – always.  He concluded by affirming that such a stand is not in vain.

Standing (left to right) – Rev Aaron Lewis, Rev Neil Pfeiffer (Bible League Chairman), Rev John Thackway, Rev Pooyan Mehrshahi.

Sitting (left to right) – Mr Stephen Toms, Rev Malcolm Watts, Mrs Ruth Ward (Bible League Secretary).