Church of England Evangelical Council: How Important Are Our Differences?

Church of England Evangelical Council Releases New Film Asking

“How Important Are Our Differences?”

The Church of England Evangelical Council has released a new short film that asks the question; “How Important Are Our Differences?”  Its focus is on human sexuality and the friction it is causing within the Church of England.  The film was designed to be used in a normal parish setting.

It demonstrates the significance of the differences by pointing out that those supportive of revisionist thinking have at least four distinctions from the biblical view:

  1. They have different views of identity and what it means to be human
  2. The contrary way in which they are interpreting what the Bible says about marriage and sexuality.
  3. That to change the historic view of the Church of England will undermine the unity of the Anglican Communion.
  4. The ideas being advocated by those seeking change appears to be contrary to the endorsements of Jesus regarding marriage and sexuality.

The study materials prepared to accompany viewing of the five-minute-fifteen-second film call those involved to look at the biblical witness about marriage and sexuality and not merely operate from a sociological and modern cultural viewpoint.

The materials are available online at: