Director of Church Society Responds to African Archbishops

Director of Church Society Responds to African Archbishops

Hopes Church of England Bishops Defend Official Doctrines As Clearly

The Revd Dr Lee Gatiss, Director of Church Society responded to the public rebuke of the Archbishop of Canterbury by the Archbishops of Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda.

When asked for a statement, Gatiss told the EC, 

“This is an excellent and clear statement from the bishops, which needs to be heard and reflected on. It is, however, absolutely true that the Church of England has not changed its official stance on marriage and sexuality, since the 1987 motion of General Synod and the 1998 Lambeth Conference. Those of us striving to reform and renew the Church in biblical faith rely on this and rejoice in it, as should our Anglican colleagues in the rest of GAFCON. It would be good though if our own bishops stood up for and promoted the Church of England’s official teaching as clearly and courageously as our African brothers and sisters do. This is the leadership we pray for.”