Save the Parish Campaign Summer Conference

Save the Parish Campaign Summer Conference

The Save the Parish Campaign has announced that it will be hosting a Summer Conference on Thursday, 7 July in York.

The three main speakers for the meeting are; Revd Canon Giles Fraser, Rachel Morley and Professor Nick Orme.

Fraser is a well-known clergyman within the Church of England.  He is also in turn a journalist and broadcaster.  He is the Vicar of St Anne’s, Kew.

Morley is the Director of Friendless Churches.  Friendless Churches is dedicated to the rescue and repair of historic church buildings “by undertaking gentle repairs, sensitive restoration, and careful conservation. With no government funding and a modest grant in Wales, they take disused and decaying church buildings and give them a future.”

Orme is an historian and Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Exeter.  His address will   be “about the local origins of most parish churches, their local maintenance of them over centuries, and the essential local elements to their spirituality and mission.”

The Financial Scrutiny Group of the Save the Parish Campaign will also present at the conference.  

Evensong will follow  at 18:00.  A reception will follow Evensong.

Save the Parish draws supporters from across the various churchmanships within the Church of England.