Letter from Kyiv after 100 Days of War

Letter from Kyiv

Churchwarden from Christ Church Gives Update after 100 Days of War

By Christina Laschenko, Church Warden

Warmest greetings from the war-torn Kyiv. Today we mark a horrible date: 100 days of the Russian-Ukrainian war. For 100 days now the people of Ukraine have lived in fear of air-strike sirens, shellings, gunfire, bombardments; in the fear of death and occupation. But a human being as God’s creation cannot live in terror permanently. Life and hope make their way through fears, dangers and ruinations of war. 

In Kyiv, and the liberated regions around it, people whose houses survived shellings and gunfire return back to their places and start thinking how to restore the normal life. 

It is not easy: the economy has shrunk by more than 50% and only half of those who had jobs before the war can come back to work now. Even for the employed people the salaries have dropped by 50% and more. Many de-occupied areas experience interruptions in electricity, gasoline supplies, and deficiencies in some food products. 

People in Kyiv do their best to live normal lives: they gather friends to celebrate birthday parties, go to the Opera House, attend museums with new exhibitions, and volunteer day and night for the needs of the army and internally displaced people. 

And, of course, people call to God. Religious life in the war-torn Kyiv is quite intense. People are resolute to overcome any obstacles to get to places of worship to pray together for the lives of Ukrainian people, for the success of the Ukrainian Army, for the victory of Ukraine. We encourage you to join us in the prayer for restoration of peaceful life in Ukraine. We want to rebuild the houses, to plant gardens, to raise children and to overcome the wounds of war through the joy of new life.