Anglican Mission in England Elects Two Suffragan Bishops

Anglican Mission in England Elects Two Suffragan Bishops

The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) met in Synod on 18 June.  While there, they elected two suffragan bishops to aid Bishop Andy Lines in providing episcopal oversight for the overall work.  Bishop Lines also provides episcopal oversight for the Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE).  

The announcement of the news said,

“We are delighted to announce the appointment of two new bishops for the Anglican Mission in England. On Saturday 18th June 2022, our Synod joyfully endorsed their full support for Tim Davies and Lee McMunn to be consecrated to serve as Assistant Bishops under the leadership of our Convocation Bishop, Andy Lines. 

“We want our bishops to pastor the pastors, visit churches and keep mission as one of our top priorities. With God’s help, Andy, Tim and Lee will endeavour to provide a relational episcopacy that will keep Jesus at the centre of everything we do. 

“After a thorough process of references, conversations and interviews the three clergy and three lay representatives on the Bishop Election Committee confirmed the two candidates without reservation back to the Standing Committee and thence to the Synod. 

We are planning on a consecration service in the autumn of 2022, Lord-willing. Please do pray for us as we make preparations. We are passionate about Jesus. We desire to share the great news about his rescue and rule so that, by his grace and in his strength, lives are revolutionised through repentance and faith in him. Please pray that these new appointments will enable us to more effectively preach Christ faithfully to the nations.”

AMiE does not accept the ministry of women ordained to either the diaconate or presbyterate whilst ACE does.

GAFCON Presiding Bishop and Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America, Foley Beach  said, “

“On behalf of the GAFCON Primates, we are encouraged to see your faithfulness to the Word of God and your growth in reaching others for Christ. As you work toward expanding your leadership possibilities, please know you are being prayed for and we are trusting the Lord to continue His way in your midst.” 

Archbishop Ben Kwashi of the Diocese of Jos, Anglican Church of Nigeria reacted to the news by saying, 

One of the key elements in missions is the emergence of Spirit-filled, wise and able evangelists to lead the growing disciples of Christ in a Bible based ministry and mission in apostolic succession. The election and appointment of these servants of Christ is a testament to the work of the Holy Spirit in the mission. We are grateful and humbled that the Lord will choose Lee & Tim with their families to serve, along with other servants in mission, to be faithful dispensers of the Word, problem solvers, Bible teachers and servants of the sacred ministries of the church. AMiE is blessed by the Holy Spirit in a time such as these to be a movement led by God.”