Westminster Presbyterian Seminary’s 2022 Conference

Christ’s Mission for the Church  Westminster Presbyterian Seminary’s 2022 Conference Westminster Presbyterian Seminary’s 2022 conference has been scheduled for 20 — 22 October.  Located in Newcastle, the conference will feature presentations by Alistair Begg, Simon...

Chuck Collins: John Day & Foxe’s Book

John Day & Foxe’s Book By the Revd Canon Chuck Collins John Day was the foremost printer/publisher of the English Reformation. He is best known for collaborating with John Foxe in compiling and printing Actes and Monuments of These Latter and Perillous Dayes...

Pilgrim’s Process by the Revd Dr Peter Sanlon

Pilgrim’s Process Broken Hearts We all like to feel good about ourselves. Indeed there is a popular school of thought which suggests that the thing which most holds us back in life is ‘low self-esteem.’ When this outlook is accepted, the Christian message is adapted...

Prudence Dailey’s Commentary: What is the Church For?

Prudence Dailey’s Commentary What is the Church For? Amidst the political intrigue of the 2022 Lambeth Conference, the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, addressed the assembled bishops on the topic of evangelism. Whilst unsurprisingly less controversial than the...

Banner of Truth Borders Conference 2022 “Not Ashamed of the Gospel”

Held at the Church of Scotland Chapel in Carlisle, it is a gathering intended particularly to serve those in northern England and southern Scotland with fellowship and faithful biblical teaching. The conference is open to all, whether in full-time ministry in the...

Anglican Futures: Plural Truth, Playing the Cards Right

Anglican Futures Plural Truth: Playing The Cards Right This is the first in a series of three blog posts, examining the concept of 'Plural Truth,' in the light of what has been observed at the Lambeth Conference.  This one looks at how 'Plural Truth' has impacted the...

Orthodox Bishops at the Lambeth Conference Reaffirm Lambeth 1.10 as Anglican Teaching on Marriage & Sexuality

ORTHODOX BISHOPS AT THE LAMBETH CONFERENCE REAFFIRM LAMBETH 1.10 AS ANGLICAN TEACHING ON MARRIAGE & SEXUALITY “Resetting the Anglican Communion Back to Its Biblical Roots” ORTHODOX BISHOPS attending the Lambeth Conference have reaffirmed Lambeth 1.10 as the...

Statement from Anglican Bishops And Primates Who Are Keen to Affirm and Celebrate LGBT+ People

STATEMENT FROM ANGLICAN BISHOPS AND PRIMATES WHO ARE KEEN TO AFFIRM AND CELEBRATE LGBT+ PEOPLE August 2nd 2022 In the interest of full context we reproduce the letter signed by 170 bishops (26%), including five archbishops from across the Anglican Communion in support...

170 Bishops Affirm “Holiness” of Same-Sex Love

170 Bishops Affirm “Holiness” of Same-Sex Love 170 bishops from within the Anglican Communion signed a document supporting same-sex marriage and other issues promulgated by the LGBT community.  This means 480 of those bishops in attendance did not sign.  Over three...

Letter: The Abolition of Female Bishops?

Letter to the Editor The Abolition of Female Bishops? Dear Sir, Following the revelation at General Synod that there is no official definition of a woman, surely a Synod member could ask a further question, namely, ‘How many women bishops have served in the Church of...

Canterbury Tales: Favourite Bible Stories Retold by Archbishop Justin Welby

Canterbury Tales

Favourite Bible stories retold by Archbishop Justin Welby

The Good Samaritan

A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead, halfway along the road to Jericho. A Samaritan, as he travelled, came where the man was and took pity on him.  He bandaged his wounds and brought him to an inn. ‘Look after him,’ he said to the innkeeper, ‘I will reimburse you for any expense you may have.’

The man shook his head when he heard this. ‘This isn’t good enough,’ he declared, ‘I gave those robbers everything I have so I could be brought to Jericho. This inn is nowhere near that city. I may as well be in Africa for all the good it is. After all, I am a refugee who risked my life fleeing war.’

‘You travelled from Jerusalem, a city at peace. What war were you fleeing there?’ asked the Samaritan.

The man ignored the question and shot back, ‘Do you live in Jericho?’ 

‘Why, yes.’

‘Very well. I demand that you accommodate me. My simple act of setting out on a journey to your home means I have the right to settle there.’ 

A priest happened to be going down the same road, so too, a Levite. They passed by on the other side to get to their Press Office and unanimously agreed to issue a statement denouncing the Samaritan for his lack of compassion. 

‘How immoral it is of the Samaritan not to bring the man in to his own home. Regardless of expense, the man should be accommodated in Jericho, just because he fancies living there. Why else would he make such a hazardous cross-country journey from war-torn Jerusalem, giving money to ruthless profiteers as he travels?’