Barnabas Aid International Frees 474 Pakistani Brick-Kiln Familes from Bonded Labour

Barnabas Aid-International

Frees 474 Pakistani Brick-Kiln Families from Bonded Labour

Barnabas Aid-International has passed another milestone in freeing Pakistani Brick-Kiln workers from bonded labour.  The charity announced on 23 July that another 474 families had been made debt free through the charity of Christians around the world who have contributed to the project.  To date, 1,475 Christian families have had their debts paid thus releasing them from their Muslim masters.

One recipient of the aid, Asif and his wife Akhter, had fallen into indentured labour after his father had taken out a loan from his employer.  When his father died, the debt and the bondage was inherited by his son and his family.

“God listened to our prayers and sent Barnabas team to our village,” said Asif. “They paid off my full loan.” Asif can now afford to give his two children the education he never had. “I am thankful to God and Barnabas from the depth of my heart,” he added. “May God bless Barnabas … and may they keep doing their work to change lives of poor people.” 

The cost to buy the freedom for the 1,475 families has totalled £366,494 since the project began in 2017.