Letter: Scottish Family Party and Islam

Letter to the Editor

Scottish Family Party and Islam

Dear Sir,

The Scottish Family Party (SFP) take a valiant stand on family issues.  But recently, a seriously controversial video was aired by them featuring a Muslim woman defending Islam as a religion of tolerance and peace after lethal violence erupted in India when Muslims and Hindus clashed over insults about each other’s religion made earlier on TV.  The Muslim excerpt, which the SFP described as “excellent” and “really good”, appears between 1:44 and 4:23; it comes from a propaganda video put out by the Islamic Council of Scotland.  Readers can see the said SFP video by accessing YouTube and searching for “Scottish Family Party”; among their many video titles find one called “Muslim Council of Scotland and Defaming Mohammed” [sic].

Although the SFP leader condemned the violence, he is clearly unaware of Islamic abrogation; simply, that word means earlier (and peaceful) parts of the Koran can be abrogated or annulled in favour of later verses justifying aggression.  That fact is not mentioned, leaving the undiscerning viewer falsely concluding that Islam is a tolerant and peaceful religion.  Yes, many peaceful Muslims exist; but so does Islamic conquest – the latter not so peaceful!  Discern the difference between Muslims and Islam! 

Islam does not mean peace as the trendy meme beguilingly says.  The word Islam means submission to the will of Allah.  Islam is a religion (or more accurately a political and Sharia legal system masquerading as a religion) of the sword.  The number of people killed by Islamic conquest is often disputed by Islamic apologists, but when it reaches the millions, it is futile and long since absurd to bicker over the precise number of millions slaughtered by way of Jihad!  Moreover, the vigilant watchdog site “Jihad Watch” currently reports, 41,778 Jihadist terror attacks have happened since 9/11.  That figure will be higher by the time you read this – check it out now for yourselves!

The SFP video ends with its leader inviting Muslim values into politics because “we need them” and vowing to be “right there with you”.  It appears the camel is getting his nose in the tent with this egregious vote-catching propaganda which must be strongly ruled offside by discerning Christians.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Forsyth