London PRIDE Parade: What One Pastor Witnessed

London Pride Parade

What One Pastor Witnessed

Pastor Peter Simpson of the Penn Free Methodist Church attended the London PRIDE parade on 2 July.  What follows are his remarks on the parade and what was witnessed.

On Saturday July 2nd the 50th annual Pride parade in central London took place. This virtue signalling festival was a plain demonstration that Britain’s new religion is to worship at the LGBT shrine. 

Three preachers (this writer, Pastor John Sherwood from North London and Pastor David Carson from Chester) were supported by a small band of brave Christian brothers and sisters. The witness gathered at a designated location along the parade route by arrangement with the Metropolitan Police. 

Earlier on in the day fulsome praise had been poured upon the event and upon its whole ethos by the Prime Minister. The parade was also publicly supported by Labour Party dignitaries Sadiq Khan, Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner. 

As the Labour Party contingent in the parade walked past, and also when the Co-op float went by, the preachers reminded them of the historic origins of both their movements in Methodism, which was grounded in the final authority of Scripture and in preaching the necessity of repentance from sin in order to enter into the kingdom of God. Sadly, the Labour Party and the Co-op were demonstrating how they could not have moved further away from their Christian foundations (not to mention the Methodist Church as well).

Make no mistake, this parade was all about the rejection of the Christian revelation. The whole event was in effect a public trashing of the Bible. Why, with the whole establishment, the media and major national institutions supporting them, did those in the parade feel it necessary to stop walking by so as to direct their angry attention to a tiny gathering of Christians? It was quite simply the public displaying of God’s word and the public preaching of it that they could not bear. 

It is frightening how our nation has no qualms about the public mockery of the Christian faith. Consider, for example, the insulting and utterly contemptuous assault on the Christian doctrine of the incarnation in this headline on the Metro news website : ‘JESUS HAD TWO DADS – the best signs on display at London Pride’ (1). Would anyone dare to insult the prophet of the Islamic religion in a similar derogatory fashion? 

A video report on Sky News used the term ‘religious bigotry’ to describe the Christian testimony (2). Whatever happened to impartial reporting? Why did the reporter not go over to the Christians and ask for their viewpoint? She would have found out that they are perfectly capable of engaging in civilised debate. 

Distressingly, but predictably, the witnessing Christians were subjected to continual scorn, verbal abuse, obscene gestures, displays of physical embracing designed to shock, and attempts to vandalise and steal the relevant Bible banners on display. They were also pelted with eggs and even showered with champagne, leading to one man’s suit being drenched. The parade supporters also tried to drown out the preaching by placing alongside them a loudspeaker playing blaring music. 

Numerous people told the witnessing Christians that they were full of hate. The reality of course is that it is an act of love to one’s neighbour to point out the dangers of sin and the necessity of repentance. To hear proclaimed the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ is in fact the greatest blessing which anyone could ever receive. 

Let no one think that this public testimony was a waste of time, for “how shall they hear without a preacher”? (Romans 10:14). Despite all the opposition, there were by God’s grace some profitable conversations with individual parade supporters. Yes, there may have been certain ones celebrating ‘Pride’ upon this day whose hearts are so hardened as to be utterly impervious to gospel truth, but there were many thousands present who were eminently saveable, and they heard in no uncertain terms of the authority of God’s moral law and of the Name of Christ as the unique Saviour of sinners.